The illustrations were made using the great drawings of Tamás Mayer.

RobozzumOnce upon a time, there was a green robozoom who worked as a delivery robot, like most robozooms do. He used to love speeding around, until one day his hover engine got damaged in an accident.
"I can only trudge now," he said bitterly.
He never returned to the scene of the accident. Instead, he went miles out of his way to avoid crossing the old, ancient bridge where the collision had occurred. But nothing lasts forever, and with time the memories began to fade. One afternoon, when he had business on the other side of the bridge, he hesitated for a moment, then decided to take the road that led to it.
"I am going to cross that cursed concrete strip again!" he grumbled to himself, as if the bridge was to blame for everything.
Quietly hoveringspeaker, he approached the bridge and patiently joined the queue. You know, this bridge was very narrow and only one robot could use it at a time. The robots knew the rule, and waited patiently for the oncoming robot to pass before heading to the other side.
Well, not everyone knew. The younger robozooms were not as patient as the others. They were rude, pushy, and cut in front of the others. Our robozoom felt very ashamed! Not only because of his colleagues, but also because he had behaved exactly the same way not so long ago.

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