The illustrations were made using the great drawings of Tamás Mayer.

Green cubeOnce upon a time, there was a robot mum, who had a clever daughter. The robot girl's serial number was LZBTH-2-MTN-ERM-TWT, but everyone just called her Lisa. Lisa was very smart, but quite stubborn. She poked her nose into everything and thought she knew better than everyone else. This may have been because she had five times more memory than the others and a faster 100 GHz processor. That's why she got the name Hundredgigs Lisa.
Lisa was pretty, hardworking and she loved to help others. She had just one tiny flaw: when she wanted something, she was determined to get it at all costs. Even her great intelligence couldn't sway her in those moments.
So they lived together, just the two of them, when one day robot mom said to her daughter, "Take that old Tesla out of the shed to the weekly market, dear, maybe we can get some money for it. Then we'll buy you a better car."

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