The illustrations were made using the great drawings of Tamás Mayer.

Green squareOnce upon a time, there was a robot mum who had a son called Simple Toney, because he had slightly less memory and a slower processor than others.
Well, this robot boy was out of work for a while. Eventually, robot mum got tired of him being underfoot all the time, so she sent him away to find some kind of job for himself.
So Toney put on his helmet, jumped on his black motorcycle, and zoomedspeaker down the endless highway all day long. As evening approached, the bike began to cough, stutter and then stopspeaker. Toney tried to start it this way, tried to kick-in it that way, but the poor thing just wheezed and wouldn't start.
"It's OK," Toney thought, "according to the map, there's a town not far from here. I can walk there. In fact, if I cut through this field, I might get there even faster."

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