The illustrations were made using the great drawings of Tamás Mayer.

Book coverOnce upon a time, in a little house beyond the edge of town, but still before the deep forestspeaker, lived Robotmom and her seven robotlets. One day, Robotmom gathered all the robotlets together and said to them:
"Dear ones, I have some errands to run in the city, but I'll be back soon. I beg you not to open the door for anyone, especially not for the destroid! You know what that evil monster would do to you, right?"
"He would devour us up with his big mouth!" said a robotlet.
"He would tear us into tiny pieces!" said another.
"He would sell us as spare parts on the Internet!" echoed all the robotlets at once. "Don't worry, Mom, we won't open the door for anyone!"
Feeling relieved, Robotmom set off, unaware that an evil destroid was lurking around the corner of the house, eagerly waiting for her to disappear into the distance. The destroid didn't really want to meet Robotmom, knowing that she could turn him into a pile of smoking metal shards with her laser eyes in less than a minute. However, he would have gladly feasted on the robotlets, so he sneaked up to the door and pressed the intercomspeaker button.

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