Tamás Mayer's illustration

The Seven Robotlets and the Destroid

Robotmom has to go to town, leaving the seven robotlets unattended. You wonder if they will answer the door when the evil destroid presses the doorbell?

Tamás Mayer's illustration

The Robozoom and the Bridge

Two robozooms, that is two delivery robots, meet on a very narrow bridge. Both of them want to be the first to cross the bridge, so they are willing to do anything.

Tamás Mayer's illustration

The Robozoom and the Hover-Hacker

The green and yellow robozooms run into each other again on the bridge, but this time one of them has a Hover-Hacker. Are you wondering what it could be? And what is it good for?

Tamás Mayer's illustration

The Enchanted Robot Princess

Robotland was ruled by a wise robot princess, until an evil robowitch envied her power and cursed her. To lift the curse, many robots made their way to the royal court, including a green and yellow robozzum. Who will be able to defeat the robowitch?

Tamás Mayer's illustration

The Tale of Two Mobile Phones

The pink cell phone has made too many calls and will soon run out of power. What can her partner, the gray phone, do in this situation?

Tamás Mayer's illustration

Simple Toney as a Robot Spy

Simple Toney, the robot boy, is looking for a job, but unfortunately he has been captured. The only way to get free is to undertake a dangerous mission.

Tamás Mayer's illustration

Hundredgigs Lisa and the Big Swap Business

Robot mum tells Hundredgigs Lisa to sell the family's old car at the weekly market. Lisa sets off early in the morning, but never makes it to the market because she manages to make some great deals on the way. Or not...

Tamás Mayer's illustration

The Rubik's Cube Castle

The robotlet's sister has been carried away by a terrible storm, so he sets off to find her. His journey takes him to Wind City, where he meets a terrifying stranger.

Tamás Mayer's illustration

The Fatal Jetpack Race

The robot king organises a jetpack competition, and the grand prize is none other than the hand of the robot princess. Many try their luck, but who will build the best jetpack?

愚木混株 Cdd20's illustration

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