What kind of website is this?

The Tales for Robot Children website was created to present the storybook The Seven Robotlets and the Destroid. The book contains traditional, well-known tales, but with robot characters. Unfortunately, the book is currently available only in Hungarian, but on this website you can read some story from it.

What age are the stories recommended for?

The publisher recommends the book for children aged 6-10.

Dyslexia friendly text

On the website, readers can customize the appearance of the texts to their own needs in the Misc/Text Format menu, where it is even possible to select a dyslexia friendly look. It can be useful for children with reading difficulties.

About the translation

The text of the stories has been translated from Hungarian to English. Please note that this is not a literary translation.

About the illustrations

The illustrations were made using the great drawings of Tamás Mayer.

About the sound effects

In the stories there are playable sound effects appearing as highlighted links. All of them are from the FreeSound.org website and are licensed under the Creative Commons 0 License.

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